Posted by: Paul Jenkins | October 23, 2008

Social Media and the Federal Election

The C Team 

Conservative Party of Canada

  • Facebook – 17,832 supporters; no wall; no discussion board
  • Twitter – 1,123 following; 1,066 followers; 71 updates since the start of the election
  • myCampaign – A virtual campaign office for Conservative supporters.  It’s an online action centre, helping spread the conservative message, raise money and recruit volunteers
  • Interesting fact – Of the four photos of Stephen Harper on the Conservative Party of Canada’s homepage, the Prime Minister is only wearing a sweater in one

Green Party of Canada

  • Facebook – 5,341 supporters; 905 wall posts; 47 discussion topics
  • Twitter –  680 following; 691 followers; 117 updates since the start of the election
  • Elizabeth May’s blog – May’s blog is front and centre on the Green Party’s website.  She’s written 129 posts since the election was called
  • Interesting fact – The website has an upcoming events calendar that details where May will be each day of the campaign.  It isn’t interactive, but it is helpful

Liberal Party of Canada

  • Facebook – 14,236 supporters; 4,369 wall posts; 61 discussion topics
  • Twitter – 1,976 following; 942 followers; 87 updates
  • Create a page – Write your own message of support, collect secure donations online, share your photos and videos.  Only 55 Liberals have participated.
  • Interesting fact (thanks to Mary’s keen eye) – Right after the being nominated to lead the Liberal Party, Dion exceeded his number of Facebook friends

New Democratic Party of Canada

  • Facebook – 24,736 supporters; 3,957 wall posts; 232 discussion topics
  • Twitter – 1,322 following; 1,338 followers; 145 updates
  • The Orange Room – The campaign’s most comprehensive social media endeavor, the Orange Room is “a one-stop shop for anyone looking to find – and share – media related to the New Democrat election 2008 campaign.”  It’s citizen-drive media, blending “the best of YouTube, Flickr, Facebook and blogs to keep you engaged.”
  • Interesting fact – The NDP website has a page of blogging tools (banner ads, video, Twitter box, NDP themed blog template)
* Data recorded on election day – October 14, 2008

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