Posted by: Paul Jenkins | July 24, 2008

Welcome to Angerville – Population Me

Paul visits Angerville

If Americans were a little more successful in manifesting their destiny I’d be living in the States right now – not the humble Dominion of Canada I instead call home.

And if I lived in the States right now, I’d take this year’s Toronto weather to Judge Judy’s court of justice and sue the damn bastard for all the sun it had.

You see, it’s raining – again.

Listen up weather, if I wanted to live in an overpriced city with relentless precipitation, I’d move to Vancouver; where at least, if the sky did clear, I’d get a pretty view.

And it hasn’t even been hot this summer, just humid.

I’ve never sweated so much in 20 degree weather – for my American readers, I believe that’s 2(5X-2Y) in your crazy Fahrenheit system.

Alas, the sky’s ceiling has sunk to my waist.

I’ve got smog dripping down my coin slot and it’s not very pleasant.


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  1. ew.

    sky’s blue over here. y’all should come.

  2. I’m angry too Paul, especially when you factor in the late start of ‘summer,’ and you consider that in a few short months beautiful ‘autumn’ approaches, I know I said the A-word.

    I actually like the rain. This week reminds me of parts of the tropics, where it rains at the same time every day. It’s refreshing ‘n keeps things alive. Call me a sentimental one…

    Glad you’re back! 😉

  3. Loved this Paul.
    On a totally unrelated note…
    Just finished a great course and was introduced to my new favourite educational “theorist” – John Holt. Here’s a quote from one of his books: (I made a video on it for my final project that I’ll show you sometime)
    “Children learn from anything and everything they see. They learn wherever they are, not just in special learning places. The idea, the very idea, that we can teach small children how to learn has come to me to seem utterly absurd. … when I started teaching less, the children started teaching more.”

  4. Oops… end should have send “learning more”, not “teaching more”.

  5. Paul, you should be angry — angry at global warming. Planet Earth is hot and throwing water on it, is her only recourse.

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