Posted by: Paul Jenkins | June 10, 2008

Stupid Baby


Can knowing less be helpful?

As I start out in my career as a PR professional, I am trying to position myself as a credible authority on social media – a source of information to such questions as:
• What the hell is it?
• How can it be used?
• How has it been used?
• Is it measurable?

I’m not an authority yet, however. For one, I haven’t even broken into the profession. For two, I’m not convinced the technological proficiency of certain targeted audiences is sufficient to warrant such methods.

Communicators are not in the business of selling/teaching social media innovations, but in using them to convey key messages. Insisting on a social media solution then, risks being a futile exercise of preaching to the converted.

True, I am not an early adopter of social media, but I do know of Twitter and Seesmic, for example, and I am not yet convinced of their usefulness on a wider or even long tail scale.

It is this latter admission of reacting to trends, rather than leading them, that makes me well positioned to effectively demonstrate their application. If I don’t use, or feel comfortable using, an online tool to gather information and make choices based on that information, how can I argue an advantage to it over traditional media?

More versed experts are at risk of assuming an audience knowledge that isn’t there. Here, my ignorance is an attribute. I am a barometer of average understanding of online tools.


  1. Hi Paul,

    You’re absolutely right.
    Q: Just whom are we targetting?
    A: People who blog/read blogs, people who twitter/use tiwtter, people who etc/etc.

    I think online tools are essential to the profession, but in breaking over to ‘the other side’ where people are oblivious to the existence of these tools, I question the tactics and their effectiveness.

    By the way, why is your post related to, “I’m Not Feeling You (Stupid) Babies having (Stupid) Babies?” I just don’t get it. 😦


  2. PS. That’s the CUTEST baby pic ever!

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