Posted by: Paul Jenkins | April 24, 2008

Twenty Twitter Tweets

1. The three best cities in the world, in order: Montreal, New York and Dubrovnik.

2. I always feel like I need a bath after I ride the TTC.

3. PR = networking with all known media to as many audiences as you are able to identify.

4. Stephane Dion’s no Jean Chretien, but c’mon, Stephen Harper’s a bigot.

5. Alma College is as impressive and historically significant as Casa Loma – and a test case for every heritage protection law in Canada.

6. Toronto is the greatest social experiment the world has ever seen.

7. Why are “conservatives” the first to deride government interference in their own lives, but the first to use it to interfere in others?

8. My neighbours are crazy.

9. The three best Ontario beers in no particular order: Steam Whistle pilsner, Creemore Springs lager and Mill Street’s Tankhouse ale.

10. More quality Canadian beers: Granville Island’s Kitsilano Maple Cream ale, Big Rock’s Traditional ale and most rouge beers from Quebec.

11. I make the best hamburgers in the country.

12. The underbelly of Facebook is between the navel and where it permits the digital organization of people spewing rewritten history.

13. The next best three cities: Toronto, Sarajevo and Hanoi.

14. The San Jose Sharks are going to win the Stanley Cup.

15. I have a Canadians for Obama poster in my attic apartment’s window. If the world could vote, it’d elect the man, Americans should too.

16. This past winter was the kind every kid dreams of – I’m glad it’s over.

17. Three events I’ll go to no matter what: the 2010 Olympics, the next World Cup of soccer Canada’s in, and Toronto’s next Stanley Cup.

18. The five websites I visit the most: Globe and Mail, NHL, Gmail, Facebook and WordPress.

19. LinkedIn is too passive. Shouldn’t it encourage active networking or am I using it wrong? Any ideas?

20. Rounding out the top ten: Bangkok, Paris, Shanghai and Vienna.

Twitter is a digital social application used to write really short blog entries. Posts are restricted to 140 characters. There is a debate going on in the Toronto PR community as to its usefulness as a trade tool.



  1. Ah Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic. Have you been to Singapore?

    Twitter should be useful if you can build influence.

  2. I haven’t been to Singapore, but have heard great things about the city/state.
    Hong Kong, Seoul and Quebec also received consideration for my top-ten list.

    I can appreciate the use of Twitter as a crisis communication tool – California wildfires, school shootings, etc. – but how does greater influence affect its possible applications?

  3. Paul, good point. I have heard Twitter being used to mobilize people during Amber Alerts. That is indeed a great use case – although one I’m sure the founders never envisioned.

    As for influence – I’m just addressing your PR community’s debate. Someone will figure out how to use it judiciously.

  4. And to think… You didn’t even use Facebook or WordPress this time last year! : )

    I miss you!

  5. Maybe you would have gotten more discussion surrounding each individual topic if you’d posted them individually on Twitter.

    I seriously disagree with you regarding Steamwhistle. There are far better beers to be found in Ontario. They’re just harder to find.

  6. Rick, tell me about these “far better beers.” You’ve got my attention.

  7. Paul…

    My favourite places are, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and of course T.O!!

    How did you arrive to the conclusion of #11? I haven’t tried any yet…and I don’t like meat. But if you can convert me, we’ll see 😉

    And I agree LinkedIn is passive…I don’t know how to make it more exciting. I don’t think it’s meant to be…


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