Posted by: Paul Jenkins | February 29, 2008

Wayne’s Got My Back

The Great One

Perhaps I’m distracted by the Florida sunshine –
Or, in translating the thermometer’s Fahrenheit hieroglyphics into the Celsius language I understand –
But today, well, I’ve got little to say.

This is an exact reversal of the challenges I faced in producing my previous posts. Then, I wanted to say everything and right away. Now, I struggle to even finish

My disinterested mood, (thanks Inside PRoper English), is holding my blog’s punctuality hostage. It’s not writer’s block – there’s nothing struggling to come out. Neither is it laziness – my first day of reading week is being spent inside in anticipation of lucidity.

Alas, all I can think to do is quote the Great One. “You miss every shot you don’t take.” I hope Mr. Gretzky’s correct, or else I’ll owe the four or five readers of my blog an apology for their time in reviewing this post.

It’s sunny outside and either 25 or 80 degrees depending on the language you speak. My goal this week is to find an Obama ’08 button. If you’d like one, please let me know.


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